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Dane "lilddp" De Pasquale : Gamer -> Internet Music Artist-> ROTC Comp Sci 1st Year College Dropout

BIO: Born In the Sunshine State. DDP was shown the internet at a young age through club penguin/runescape/cartoonnetwork.com (FREE STREAMING BACK THEN ROFL).
After that DDP moved to Long Island where he discovered what a router was due to Geek Squad failing to plug and play simple hardware. He was playing console games in no time. DDP would go on to post content mainly on youtube every since moving to NY Gaming from 2010-2016. DDP would take coumputer classes since the start of his Highschool education and would enroll in IB COMP SCI x IB COMP SCI 2(Year 3,Year 4/senior). Being one the first student to enroll into the NEW course. After that he then looked into video documenting his summer with freinds @mogz. From video to Audio DDP would transition entirley to a new website to understand what it took to make music to a high degree. DDP would travel West to see what awaits ahead at the University of San Francisco for Year 1 of BS Comp Sci 2019. DDP would end up dropping out and end up back in NY to purse music. With covid arriving DDP then travled back west to Tucson Arizona and sheltered while still pursing music.He has since moved quite a few times West and East across the US. As of 9/28/23 he now resides in AZ looking for new oppturnity

Eric "Mogz" Mogol : Lifeguard -> Internet Music Artist

BIO: ig: @e.mogs

Job Role

CEO/CTO/Co-Founder: Dane De Pasquale

CFO/COO/Co-Founder: Eric Mogol

Our Mission

Enable anyone in the world to upload/stream audio content and get paid a reasonable wage upfront and reoucurring without infringing on the rights of others.

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